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The Rothweiler's Most Excellent Adventures

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Summer in Rangeley Maine. Except for palm trees, it does not
get much better than this.
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Interested in learning to dive?  Take a look and see what
makes diving  part of the adventure lifestyle.  Join me.
Home in Falmouth, Maine, where the winter
goes on and on and on...

I have returned from the PADI Business Academy in Newark NJ where we learned more than I wanted
to know about social media and business.  Between building content and viewing it, who has time to
actually participate in a real activity?  I see where it is going but I don't necessarily like it.

The family is all doing well.  In February, Chris and Jillian went to Florida shopping for colleges and to
visit Steffi.  George and Grant went to look at the University of Colorado in Boulder and go skiing.  
Jillian is dancing in the Irish dancing world competition in Boston the end of March.  Then I think she
will "retire".  We all hope the snowy winter of 2012-13 is about over.  Spring sports have started with
snow on the fields. We are all ready to get back outside.  
Plum Cottage, Rangeley
May 1997, St Julian, Malta
George  off SW Puerto Rico.
I know it may look like I am just having
fun. It is  amazing what you can do if
you don't need to make any money.
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We love the summer, it is just too short.
Remember when...
Beach house, Venice Florida
Ursula in Afghanistan
Japanese tank on deck of San Francisco Maru, Chuuk Lagoon FSM
Aloha, Waikiki
Riding torpedo in hold of Gosi Maru, Chuuk
The Rothweilers ,  in Temecula California